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Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

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Prayer Card
Hand-drawn & hand-lettered! Stickers looks great on a laptops, water bottles, notebooks, bibles, or phone cases... Magnets work best for your fridge or car!

Feast Day: March 19th
Patron of: Fathers, workers, married peoples, people living in exile, for a holy death

* Colors may vary slightly due to monitor screen settings 

  • Die-cut Sticker 
  • Vinyl
  • 2.26"x3"
  • Background, NOT clear
  • Water-resistant, hand-wash recommended 
  • High-quality matte finish


  • 2.26"x3"
  • Die cut
  • Durable Material
  • 15 mils (.38 mm) thick

Prayer Card

  • 3"x5"
  • 16 pt. Matte
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